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Orthodontics for children is an effective, proven and safer way to straighten their teeth.
By providing children with Orthodontic treatment at an early age, you can ensure a lifetime of great oral hygiene, and a fantastic straight smile into their adulthood and their teenage years. Orthodontic treatment has to be done in skeletal, dental and functional problems of the mouth. Prevention is very important in orthodontics. Orthodontic Treatment can provide lasting benefits to children from 7 years.
Patients have to come for an orthodontic check at the age of 7-8 years of age.
There are several cases that require early orthodontic treatment. Such cases are listed below:
1)Premature loss of milk teeth
   Early treatment is required when milk teeth are lost early.
In such cases, space maintaining has to be done.
2)In cases of thumb sucking or tongue thrust, an orthodontic appliance has to be inserted in order to stop the habit if the habit persists, otherwise a gap between upper and lower teeth is created.
 Malocclusion from tongue thrust     
  Malocclusion from thumb sucking


3) Lower trapped lip

 Lower trapped lip causes flaring of upper frontal teeth and also changes inclination of  lower frontal teeth  resulting in increased distance between upper and lower teeth. Insertion of an appliance is required in such cases.     

4) Cross-bite

  Cross bite is when 1 or more of the top teeth are behind the lower teeth. This situation should be treated early so that there will no be negative consequences in growth of jaws and occlusion.

5)Congenitally missing teeth
In cases of congenitally missing teeth, we have to evaluate if we’ll keep the space till patient becomes adult and make a future prosthetic restoration or if we’ll close spaces.
Early evaluation has to be done.
6) Supernumerary teeth
  Supernumerary teeth can often inhibit normal eruption and position of permanent teeth. Early evaluation has to be done.

7) Diastema (spaces) between teeth
Small spaces between teeth are acceptable but big spaces have to be evaluated early so that there will be no future problems.

8)Increased overjet

 Early treatment has to be done when upper teeth flare and there is a big distance between upper and lower teeth. We have to treat early increased overjet because there is increased risk of trauma of frontal teeth.

9) Crowding (4-6 mm)
   Timely diagnosis of early crowding has to be done and treated early in order to decrease the likelihood of extractions of permanent teeth due to lack of space. Insertion of certain appliances achieves better and more stable results.

10) Ankylosis if milk teeth 

 If a milk tooth is anylosed and there is a successor permanent tooth, milk tooth has to be extracted at the right time in order to ensure that permanent tooth will erupt without any problem.